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Simon and Beth Family Mediation Scenario

Financial needs such as debts are some of the common issues of the couples in every corner of the world. As your family starts to grow, the financial needs will also start to increase. If you have a job that pays a lower amount of salary, the best option that they can do to sustain their financial needs is to borrow a small amount of money from loan sharks or banks.

Because loan sharks and banks will give their money a high interest, many of the borrowers were not being able to pay the money they have borrowed. This is one of the reasons for the development of the relationship issues. And what’s worse is that, if your misunderstanding turned into separating each other lives. Well, there are some instances that your partner will not be able to pay your debts and will pass you all the responsibilities of paying your debts. The story of Beth and Simon is similar to our topic today,

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helps couples work out their problems

The Problem

Beth and Simon are a couple who were not yet married. For so many years, they are just renting an apartment. Simon puts all the blames to Beth for not paying their debts on their credit cards. Plus, Simon didn’t accept that their debt is a joint one.

Why Mediation?

Some people may think that family mediation is just all about the child’s custody. But you are wrong, family mediation covers a wider range of family issues. This will just only mean that family mediation is a type of flexible solution. For instance, a couple who have problems with paying their debts can be solved through the help of family mediation, similar to the case of Beth and Simon.

How Was It Resolved?

After having £3000 approximately from their solicitors, both party already planned to mediate. It takes a longer term compared to the other problems that were solved through the help of family mediate. But the important thing is that both of them have been settled an agreement.

Some of the couples in the world may think that working with family mediation company is a complicated process. But it is not the same as you think. Additionally, family mediation is a less stressful and convenient solution to your problems rather than filing a case to the court.

And there is a lesser amount of money that you should handle. That is the reason why the couple, Simon and Beth decided to work with a family mediator. Instead of filing into a court proceeding, try to find an alternative solution to this that will give you to use a lesser amount of money.

How Did It Work?

Beth worked with the family mediator. She also gave some important statements about their credit cards. Then she gives all the data to Simon that includes some important figures. Then, Simon, on the other hand also agree that he will pay the debt for over 12 months.

Through the help of the Trusted family mediation Halton, it will have the ability to solve your problems that even solicitors couldn’t. An advantage of family mediation is that the solving process will happen inside a single place. There will be a knowledgeable mediator that has the ability to handle every situation. And the services offered by the mediator is more affordable and effective rather than the court proceeding.