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Why Family Mediation Halton?

Mediation services Halton between family members may be needed to solve conflicts or disagreements that are not being resolved by the individual members themselves. A professional voice of reason is often required to listen and divulge advice from an impartial view.

Almost anyone can benefit from family mediation Halton, especially those who need practical solutions to disputes but parents with children an benefit massivley from the service and avoid going down the legal road.

Mediation is a voluntary process where both parties need to feel comfortable in talking to theĀ accredited mediator. Telephone us today to speak to an expert on 03300101306

The following examples are of the type of clients mediation could benefit:

  • Couples- divorces, separation, counselling.
  • Children- child support agreements, living arrangements.
  • Parents- separated parents can discuss assets, savings, their house, shares and investments.

The process of mediation and length of time needed for completion varies from client to client. Appointments can be a single time or continue for months, depending on the severity of the dispute and the willingness of the client to solve their problems. It is recommended that both parties be in the same room together for mediation, however, it is understood that sometimes this is not possible. Therefore, sole/shuttle can be available for clients who wish to remain separate during mediation. The benefits from this are:

  • Relationships including domestic violence
  • Keeps emotions out of settlements
  • Gives plenty of time to make decisions without another party’s influence

Our mediators are fully trained and insured to give clients mediation sessions of the highest quality. Their non-biased advice ensures that clients are fully satisfied and given mediation sessions that can be successful for both parties. The mediators listen attentively and are fully committed to formulating the best possible outcome for all involved. Confidentiality is of the up most importance with every mediator who can listen to the worries and problems of both parties with each client knowing what they have divulged is kept secure.

Using family mediation may be a more cost effective method of solving disputes rather than going to court. Using the courts can be stressful, time consuming and costly, whereas using mediation is a method many solicitors would advise to consider first. Each mediation process is different, both parties need to agree to the mediation and only then can an initial inquiry go ahead where costs can be discussed.

broken family

These are just examples of the challenging situations many people find themselves in. If your marriage is on the rocks, Trusted Mediator Halton will help you resolve your differences skilfully and efficiently.


Family mediation is a useful tool for many clients who find going through courts a daunting process.

Avoid the costly legal route and telephone us today

Mediators are impartial and work together with their clients to find the simplest and best conclusion to any dispute.