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I am thinking of going on to mediation just how much does it cost?

How come Mediation is cheaper than Solicitors and going to Court Halton

What does mediation cost?

Going to court to try and resolve a dispute or trying to solve it yourself can sometimes be a time consuming, stressful and potentially expensive process. Instead of court, one option that you might want to consider, which solicitors recommend, is mediation.

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All You Need To Know At Trusted Mediators Halton

Mediation is a voluntary process that is often a cheaper and quicker way to resolve a dispute. It is a proven effective method for dealing with disputes sometimes without the need for having to go to court.

Mediation is a flexible process so it can be used to help settle disputes in a variety of situations. This can include family conflicts, financial issues or a business problem or any other matters where both sides are involved in some form of disagreement.

Mediation will only work however if all those involved are committed to finding and agreeing on a solution. Leading the mediation process is the mediator who is someone neutral. Their role is to help the parties involved to come up with a solution that they can all agree.

Being independent, what they are not there to do is to force a solution on anyone or to take sides. Their job is to get all parties both talking and listening to each other. The purpose of the mediation is to help all parties reach some form of agreement that they are all happy to accept.

If everyone involved agrees to mediation, then the whole process is private and confidential. Anything that they discuss stays within the mediation hearing unless all parties agree to make the information known to others.

The mediation procedure can take as long as all the parties desire. As it is a voluntary process, there are no time at all limits when it comes to mediation. It can last till the parties reach an agreement or not. If those included are unable to settle on a option then they can still decide to go to court.

If all the parties agree to mediation and want to go ahead with the process, the mediator will agree on the costs during the initial enquiry. Since the process does not take as long as it would if the matter were to go through the court process, the costs are often much lower.

While mediation sessions can be held out of hours to fit in with the parties, doing so will mean that any costs are higher to reflect this. That said since the costs are agreed upfront everything is out in the open and there are no hidden costs.

With no contract or commitment, you can pay as you go along. As a result, there does not have to be any big bills all at once. See our fees